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5app enabled perfectly timed digital transformation for a global biotech company

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5app and content partner Hemsley Fraser worked with one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies with over 23,000 employees working across more than 20 countries worldwide.

This solution comprises a growing blended learning offering which supports all global employees throughout their professional development lifecycle with career development, business effectiveness and leadership training.


Building future-proof learning on solid foundations

Originally, this customer approached Hemsley Fraser looking for engaging, interactive classroom experiences for global staff. The goal was for all training to be delivered in the local language for each country, and given the varied nature of the global audience, it was difficult to create a high-touch learning provision for the entire enterprise.

This customer then wanted to build on this solution by creating an interactive, engaging and consistent learning solution for their global audience… but within their existing learning budget.

Unsurprisingly, this was no small undertaking! It was time for a completely new, future-proof approach to enterprise learning - and that’s where 5app and Hemsley Fraser came in.


From face-to-face to virtual learning

The customer wanted to replace its one-day in-person classroom learning sessions with half-day virtual instructor-led training (vILT) training sessions. This would enable them to deliver the same fundamental learning experience regardless of location or budget.

But this wasn’t just a case of adapting existing classroom content for a learning platform. This involved completely reimagining the learning experience to ensure that vILT sessions would offer the same value as the previous face-to-face training.

The right platform for the job

To achieve this, the customer needed a powerful learning platform. 5app was the perfect choice to package this new and improved programme into an easy-to-use, fully accessible learning experience, giving all 23,000 employees worldwide on-demand access to a curated blend of Hemsley Fraser content, in-house resources and third-party content. 

On top of the vILT, the customer knew that to meet the needs of thousands of employees working 24/7 worldwide, they would need to provide learning resources in other formats. This includes classroom-based workshops and asynchronous, on-demand online microlearning assets, such as eBooks, infographics, videos, quizzes and podcasts.


A perfectly timed digital transformation

Fortunately, this digital transformation took place at just the right moment! The timing couldn’t have been better for this customer - the new vILT solution launched just as the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, when employees worldwide were instructed to work from home indefinitely. 

A week or two after lockdown began, the customer flipped the switch on its 5app learning platform, instantly giving everyone access to learning in their own homes (and, when the world reopened, from their offices and on the go).

Twice as productive without twice the budget

In fact, the solution was so successful that in 2020, the customer was able to deliver double the number of the previous year’s instructor-led learning events… but without doubling the learning budget. On top of this, the customer’s employees viewed an additional 50,000 learning resources via the 5app platform from launch to the end of 2020, demonstrating the need for digitally accessible microlearning.

But it doesn’t stop there - the customer has also seen a positive impact to employee engagement and learning culture as a result of its new solution with 5app and Hemsley Fraser. Every quarter, more and more employees are taking charge of their professional development with curated content, knowledge sharing and new learning communities, making this a vital element of their learning strategy going forward.


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