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Global insurance company brings learning into the flow of work with 5app

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5app is proud to work with content partner Hemsley Fraser to support one of the world’s top 20 insurance and reinsurance companies, employing more than 11,700 people in 37 countries worldwide, with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

The aim of this project was to create a foundational programme which would form part of a wider series of leadership training initiatives. It was also vital that this platform fit seamlessly into the business’ wider digital transformation.


Beyond technical skills to top-notch leadership training

Historically, this insurance company’s learning programmes had focused primarily on technical skills. But of course, their learning needs stretched far beyond simply technical skills training. Specifically, they needed a contemporary management development programme for both newly appointed business leaders and those new to the company.

A crucial part of the learning ecosystem

This company already had an established platform ecosystem, with separate solutions for learning and communication. Despite their existing platforms and content, they were lacking in expertly curated, on-demand digital content that would get their 500 business leaders up and running at pace.

That’s why this company wanted to build a more cohesive, integrated learning and comms experience to accelerate leadership training. This platform also needed to be available in multiple languages to support personalised learning in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.


A user-friendly platform for blended learning

This insurance company chose to work with 5app content partner Hemsley Fraser to create a robust learning and comms platform to support its complete suite of blended learning resources. They got to work right away with Hemsley Fraser’s graphic design team to design a modern, fresh and inviting look for the platform.

The 5app platform works seamlessly alongside the customer’s existing LMS, which helped get the programme up and running in just three months. As COVID-19 restrictions were in place at the time of launch, this was initially a completely virtual solution, which also offered the customer the flexibility to add face-to-face sessions down the line.

Highly relevant, personalised learning

This platform prioritises user experience, with each cohort of users receiving a personalised learning playlist filled with resources highly relevant to their current learning needs. This was particularly useful throughout the global pandemic, when rapidly changing restrictions changed the way the insurance company’s employees worked.


Enabling learning in the flow of work

Working with 5app and Hemsley Fraser helped this customer significantly increase employee engagement rates, which hit a high of 94.1%.

Employees can now engage with learning in the flow of work, minimising disruption and giving them exactly what they need, when they need it. Personalised learner experiences keep employees coming back for more, as they know that they will only be presented with what they need without getting distracted by everything else on the platform. 5app also makes it easy for the customer to create additional playlists as new learning needs emerge, encouraging continuous self-directed learning and engagement across the business.

Once employees have completed their current learning programme, the focus of the platform turns to communication. This means that everyone can engage in learning, comms and knowledge sharing from a single platform, as they can still revisit on-demand content while they’re checking in on the latest company updates. 

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