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5app helps you onboard new employees quickly and effectively. With 5app, you can equip your new starters with the information and skills they need to be successful in their new roles and boost operational effectiveness.

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Consistent experience

As companies scale, it can be hard to give new joiners a consistent experience. With 5app, you can make sure that everyone knows what’s expected of them when they join their new team, whether that’s company training or team-specific knowledge and information.

Hitting the ground running

5app’s playlists enable you to bring together everything a new employee needs to get started, guiding them through company-wide or team-specific onboarding materials for a seamless start to their time at your company. You can also automate communications using nudges to help people find what they need, when they need it throughout the onboarding process.

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Easy onboarding programmes

We can also help you put together onboarding programmes across your business functions with 5app’s academies curation service.

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