A self-directed learning culture for 250 digital health employees

Health and self direction

5app works closely with content partner Hemsley Fraser to support a US digital health company that combines technology-enabled services and real-world data analytics with a dedicated team of respected oncology experts to deliver patient-centred solutions. 

This customer’s work feeds into health plans, employers, patients and life sciences researchers to navigate the complexities of cancer, whether that’s physical, mental or financial. 


Building a self-directed learning culture

This customer needed a way to achieve self-directed learning and development for 250 employees, helping them build a vibrant learning culture. 

While regulatory training has always been a priority for this customer as part of their mandatory business provision, they wanted to ensure a consistent, user-friendly compliance offering by bringing multiple content sources into a single learning environment.

Combining the content of today and tomorrow

On top of this, the customer needed a way to bring together the necessary content of today with the ability to add the content needed tomorrow to support the learning requirements of both individuals and the organisation as a whole. 

They specifically wanted an off-the-shelf solution that would be both easy for the HR team to run and engaging for employees.


Curating high-impact learning programmes

This customer joined forces with 5app and Hemsley Fraser to build and curate a variety of internal programmes, covering vital topics such as compliance, systems training, leadership training, onboarding and wellbeing.

The 5app platform hosts many asset types, such as PDFs, presentations and Word documents, all organised in customised playlists to ensure employees find the right learning for the right moment. Compliance content completion is tracked via the platform to ensure timely completion of mandatory content, and Hemsley Fraser’s reporting suite means that the HR team can keep a close eye on who has engaged with what.

"We really like the idea of micro-learning and having people move through that quickly, and we liked the idea that it can be hosted on a mobile device and very easily accessible – we did not have that capability before!"
- Chief People Officer

Leveraging in-house and off-the-shelf content

During the global pandemic, this customer combined their own content with Hemsley Fraser’s content library, with resources covering everything from hybrid working to returning to the workplace. The platform was also used to support culture initiatives, such as their Spring Fitness challenge, keeping employees engaged and feeling like part of the community even during difficult, uncertain times.

Weaving together learning and comms

A major benefit of the platform is that it can be used to quickly communicate with all team members, whether they’re working on-site or remotely. This allows the HR team to keep employees up to date with the latest learning opportunities, alongside on-demand access to useful just-in-time resources for continuous learning.


100% improvement in compliance training completion

This platform has had a significant impact on learning for this customer, with a 100% year-on-year improvement in annual compliance training completion.

Keeping content refreshed and relevant empowered the customer to create a culture of ongoing, self-directed learning, providing everyone with easy access to mandatory compliance training and useful learning resources based on the organisation’s changing needs.

Next up, this customer will be working closely with Hemsley Fraser to drive further employee engagement through the platform to improve internal comms around upcoming training deadlines and opportunities.


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