Knowledge management

Knowledge management made simple

Why waste hours painstakingly rediscovering and rebuilding the knowledge that already exists in your business when you can make it all easily accessible from a single, user-friendly platform? That’s exactly what you can do with 5app.

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Unlock the expertise in your organisation

Your organisation’s greatest asset is your people. Unlocking the knowledge they have for the benefit of others is key to transforming your business.

Share knowledge easily

The 5app platform makes it easy for people to find and share knowledge with each other. 5app’s playlists play a key role in guiding people to what they need, when they need it, alongside the ability to target audiences with relevant content. 5app also plays nicely with your existing content platforms, so you can be sure your people always have access to the latest information.

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Fine-tune your comms

But it doesn’t just stop at learning resources. Comms also play a crucial role in the spread of knowledge throughout your business, which is why 5app brings together learning and comms in a single, seamless solution. Your business leaders can quickly share important information across the company at the click of a button, avoiding the constant hunt for the latest news and updates.

Make 5app your fount of knowledge

Get your 5app demo today to create a single source of knowledge, information and news for greater operational efficiency.