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May 24, 2024


πŸ“£ 10.4 Release

Optional content, enhancements to asset management, and an increased file size limit are now available to all customers.


πŸ“£ Optional content 

Optional Content allows you to mark any content (Asset or Playlist link) as optional or required. Optional Content does not count towards Playlist completion statistics.


πŸ“£ File size limit increased to 3GB

The file size limit of individual assets and SCORM packages has been raised from 1.5GB to 3 GB to support larger content packages in the Hub.


πŸ“£ Restoring deleted Assets

if you have mistakenly deleted an Asset, you can now view the file before restoring it to your Hub.


πŸ“£ New Asset fields

To improve asset management in your Hub, when uploading new content on the front end, you'll now see two new fields: owning team (Team Playlists) and custom data (third-party integration).

May 1, 2024


πŸ“£ 10.3 Release

Visual enhancements for Playlists, deeper admin permissions for managing content and users, and deeper integration with Mircosoft Teams


πŸ“£ Visual enhancements to Playlists

We’ve updated how progress against Playlists and Content Assets are displayed in your Hub. 


πŸ“£ Target folder setting

When adding new content assets to a Playlist in the Hub (front-end), admins and Playlist owners can now determine the folder in which the asset is housed and set a default folder location for future uploads.


πŸ“£ Removing users from Teams

When deleting a team en masse, we now allow it to be deleted even if users are assigned, allowing you to rapidly remove unwanted Teams from your Hub. 


πŸ“£ Deeper integration with Microsoft Teams

For customers with MS Teams integration, we now deliver all Nudges and platform invitations from 5app to Teams. More info is available in our user guides here.

April 15, 2024


πŸ“£ SCIM support

We've added SCIM as another method of syncing user data and access with an identity provider.


 πŸ“£ SCIM is now available to all customers

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is the best system for managing members' identities and subscriptions. It is a standard supported by many identity providers, such as Microsoft and Okta. It provides a similar function to the 5app User Importer while being easier to set up with existing cloud services (no code), more automated, and operating closer to real-time.

Read our full guide here

April 8, 2024


πŸ“£ 10.2 Release

Speeding up admin tasks with the following enhancements:


 πŸ“£ Introducing change logs

Admins can now see contextual links when viewing user or asset data in the analytics tab of the Admin Dashboard. Clicking through will surface changes made within the Hub, which can be exported as CSV files.


πŸ“£ Content change logs

The Content changelog will also display a list of amendments made within your Hub, with the option to restore any accidental deletions.


πŸ“£ Content sharing updates

When a content asset is shared with a team member, it will now open within the specific Playlist from which it was shared instead of being a standalone content asset.


πŸ“£ SSO user enhancement

We’ve improved and simplified the messaging employees receive if they try to use single sign-on to access a Hub they don’t have access to.

March 15, 2024


πŸ“£ 10.1 Release

Providing more customisation when designing and building your Playlists.


 πŸ“£ Optional content in Playlists

Content assets or Playlinks links can now be marked as optional within a Playlist and will not count towards a user's completion statistics. 


πŸ“£ Playlist permissions

Enhanced UI when adding Playlist Links to a Playlist and how it will affect user access.


πŸ“£ UI enhancements

  • Clearing your search text when clicking on the β€œx” next to the search bar 
  • Playlist links that an employee does not have access to will no longer be displayed in Playlists
  • Admins can search for employees by name, as well as email, on the user's page

January 10, 2024


πŸ“£ 10.0 Release

Speeding up the management of your content assets

Assets - batch thumbnail updaye

To allow for faster content management within your Hub, you can now batch-update thumbnails of assets, playlists, and topics by selecting multiple objects within the Admin Dashboard.

December 15, 2024


πŸ“£ 9.13 Release

Ensuring your content always looks the part of your platform.

Playlist curation-1


πŸ“£ Playlist curation checker

Within the Admin Dashboard, you can now see a new menu option that, at a glance, shows you what's missing from your Playlist: thumbnail, description, tags and topics.


πŸ“£ Customise site footer

The footer is your  Hub now has the customer/partner name first. Site owners can still adjust the text and link within the Admin Dashboard.

November 23, 2023


πŸ“£ 9.12 Release

Playlist numbering and greater customisation of Content sharing.


πŸ“£ Customisable sharing

For a more personalised learner experience, we've enhanced how a user or an admin shares content with other members within the platform through both Nudges and Content sharing.


πŸ“£ Playlist numbering

As part of our continued drive to enhance Playlists, we've added the ability to determine whether numbering appears within a Playlist.

October 31, 2023

πŸ“£ 9.11 Release

New functionality within the user's Profile page


πŸ“£ Profile page enhancements

Your profile provides you with an individualised view of your activity and assigned learning materials. We've made it even easier for employees to manage their activity, access useful information, and monitor any assigned learning programmes.


πŸ“£ Nudges switchover

Our new Nudges functionality is now available to all customer and partners

September 22, 2023


πŸ“£ 9.10 Release

Playlist links, time zones in Nudges and new language support


πŸ“£ Timezones in Nudges

We’ve added the ability to set a time zone when building Nudges. Time zones will automatically adjust for any daylight savings, and everyone will see the Nudge at the same local time.


πŸ“£ Playlist Links

Playlist Links now appear as full-width cards in a Playlist - improving both the visuals and administration of thumbnails


πŸ“£ Nudges switchover

We’re adding Taiwanese and Korean to our languages suite - admins will see these appear within the General tab of the Admin Dashboard.

August 25, 2023


πŸ“£ 9.9 Release

Automate your comms and learning pathways with our enhanced Nudges


πŸ“£ Introducing Nudges 2.0

We've redesigned the UI to provide you with greater flexibility when building and implementing pathways for your users.

August 1, 2023


πŸ“£ Microsoft Teams integration

We now integrate the 5app platform and Microsoft Teams app for organisations using the Microsoft Office suite. On integration allows for the following to appear as notifications within the Teams app:

- 5app user notifications (Nudges) - linking to content in your Hub
- Platform invitations - linking to account set-up

Full documentation of this integration is available here.

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