Extended enterprise

Expand your learning horizons

More and more frequently, companies are realising the benefits of extending learning beyond their own employees. Training partners, customers and even the wider public can be great for your brand awareness and can help create long-lasting loyalty. Fortunately, 5app is perfectly placed to deliver learning to any audience.

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Training internal employees & external audiences

The prospect of tackling extended enterprise learning can be daunting if you’ve only ever trained your internal employees. You don’t know your partners, customers or members as well as your own people, so it might feel almost impossible to get your extended enterprise learning programme right.

Playlist and comms for every need

5app is one of the most user-friendly learning platforms on the market.

Not only is it easy for absolutely anyone to come in, find the learning they need and complete it, but it’s also simple for your learning admins to deliver targeted content to specific, separate audiences via expertly curated playlists. You can also create tailored follow-up communications to help guide your external audiences to the right content, and to ensure the right information is getting to the right people. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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Curated academies for everyone

For an even better user experience, why not try 5app’s academies? These can be created for each external audience, guiding each group through content relevant to their learning needs and interests.

Simply great learning, inside and out

Get your 5app demo today to see how to create learning for audiences both inside and outside your organisation.