Employee engagement

The go-to employee engagement platform

Better-engaged employees are more productive, more loyal and happier at work. If you’re looking to drive employee retention and get more out of your people, it’s time to get yourself an employee engagement platform - and that’s exactly where 5app comes in.

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Keeping your content front of mind

No matter what your business looks like, your people should be your #1 priority. To set them up for success, you need to keep them informed, engaged and feeling included.

Tailored content for each audience

With 5app, you can drive awareness and engagement with your content through automated nudges to keep everyone coming back time after time. You can also create segmented audiences to send out more targeted comms, all from a single employee engagement platform.

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Keep it relevant

You’ll have much more success if the content people see is relevant to their roles, skills or interests. That’s why 5app’s playlists will help you capture the attention of your people, as you can tailor the content they see based on their team, function, location or whatever matters to you (and them).

Let's get engaged!

Get your 5app demo today to explore our employee engagement platform and see how you can grab (and keep) your employees’ attention for good.