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Our exciting new partnership with D&I content specialist, All of Us

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We're excited to announce our partnership with diversity and inclusion experts, All of Us and the launch of the D&I Engagement Hub.

The D&I Engagement Hub consists of topical and continually refreshed D&I content and learning resources, available on the award-winning 5app platform.

The D&I Engagement Hub is designed to underpin company EDI strategy, driving user engagement by surfacing relatable current issues, important calendar events, learning resources and desired behaviours and enabling companies to demonstrate their long-term commitment to EDI values and culture with a rapidly implemented ‘out of the box’ solution.

 “We’re excited to partner with All of Us to launch the D&I Engagement Hub. All of Us are experts in their field and have pioneered provision of ‘in the moment’ D&I content. It is a natural fit for 5app and our digital platform, which is already being used by more than 50 companies across the globe to provide access to the learning, knowledge and communications that their people need to do their jobs and to feel connected and engaged with the business, " said Duncan Barrett, Head of Product, 5app.

“5app is an ideal partner for our award-winning content. It is curated and designed by D&I experts in-house to enable companies to provide a focal point for D&I activity. D&I is an important company value driven from proven business outcomes, and we know that job candidates actively select diverse and inclusive organisations in which to work. But for many smaller businesses resource, time and cost is a blocker to D&I programmes. The D&I Engagement Hub democratises D&I by providing the best resources, which are constantly refreshed, on an award-winning, easy to use platform with a superb user experience," said Andrew Phillips, founder of All of Us.

The D&I Engagement Hub is available with three levels of content and price points per user. The content can be accessed on a shared D&I Engagement Hub or a dedicated company instance.

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