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Business software solutions - why take two bottles into the shower?

Business software solutions


Business software is like hair products - you're not entirely sure of the consequences of not having them.

No, that's not the point of this article, but stick with me while I try and stretch the classic advertising slogan for Vidal Sassoon's Wash & Go and apply it to the world of learning and communications software.

Think about the employee experience

Responsibilities for the learning & development of an organisation and its people, ensuring that the knowledge capital created is not lost and keeping everyone connected to what is going on in the organisation, are often owned by different teams and may even be decentralised.

Each may choose different technology solutions that align best with the different processes they have and how they want to make the relevant content available. And yet the person whom these groups serve is the same.

Need to know where to go, for what

Looking through the eyes of the individual, I increasingly need to know where I go for what - whether that is to find information and resources I need to do my job, to look for support to develop myself, or just to keep up with what is happening outside of my team.

If there has been some consideration to this problem, the solution is usually that there is one 'place' where I am expected to start the journey. But this merely hides the reality that these are different solutions, providing different experiences, that essentially do the same thing - get people to the content, or content to the people.

Learning platforms + Intranets?

Two traditional approaches to some of the business needs are to have a learning platform and an intranet. But I would argue that the differences between these two are often exaggerated and whilst they might be driven by different business requirements they are perhaps not as different to the person who is using them as those providing them might have them believe.

Simplifying business software solutions

Is it instead an opportunity to simplify the way that people find what they need to do their jobs, share their knowledge for the benefit of others, to guide and support people who need it and get out of the way for those that don't. All achieved through a single, easy to use, place. After all, do we always need to take two bottles into the shower?

If you are interested in how 5app can help you simplify learning, knowledge sharing and communication then why not get in touch for a demo.

P.S.  I appreciate there may be valid reasons for using a dedicated shampoo and conditioner, but that would have somewhat undermined my point!


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