Digital learning experiences, designed by you

The 5app Digital Learning Hub is a platform for learning, HR, and business professionals to organise and deliver resources to the right people at the right time.

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Provide quick and easy access to useful resources

The digital learning hub enables you to quickly create collections of the best, most timely and relevant content to support learning and performance. The hub is easy to access and navigate and you can quickly add and remove resources to keep the experience fresh and up to date.

Design guided learning journeys

Create compelling resources and design engaging learning experiences by mixing the best of the web with the best of your internal resources. The hub optimises formats and content for all devices so that you deliver a consistent experience for your users. The hub works alongside existing learning and talent systems and can be set up and ready to use within a day.

Generate actionable insights into content and user behaviour

The hub is built for speed. You can quickly create, deploy, and target resources at individuals and teams. Resources can be removed, changed or added to at any time. No technical skills are needed to set up and use the hub.

It couldn't be easier

Setting up your own Digital Hub is quick and painless.

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