A refreshingly new way to communicate, build communities and share knowledge

The 5App Hub is used by 400,000 employees across 50 top brands including Coca-Cola European Partners, Zurich Insurance, Lacoste and many more to quickly get impressive results

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Real Impact

The digital learning hub enables you to quickly create collections of the best, most timely and relevant content to support communications, information sharing, learning and performance.

The hub is easy to access and navigate and you can quickly add and remove resources to keep the experience fresh and up to date.

Flexible, Scalable, Secure

Create compelling resources and design engaging learning experiences by mixing the best of the web with the best of your internal resources.

The hub optimises formats and content for all devices so that you deliver a consistent experience for your users.

The hub works alongside existing learning and talent systems and can be set up and ready to use within a day.

The analytics prove it

Our reporting and dashboard provides companies with a powerful and easy way to drive value.

Administration is intuitive and powerful:

  • See stats by users, teams, assets and playlists
  • Download or view reports on hub usage
  • Create playlists and upload resources in seconds

Easy to use, easy to deploy

Employees love it because it’s so simple to use, designed to the same level as the consumer technology they use every day.

Employers love it because it can be rolled out in a matter of weeks, is quick and easy to administer and run, and can be branded to feel like a true company asset.