Learning in the flow

Learn while you work 

You could send your employees to a day-long workshop for everything they need to learn, but what’s the likelihood they’ll forget everything by the time they need it? Instead, more and more companies are making essential learning available in the flow of work to make the learning process more efficient and less disruptive.

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Create just-in-time performance support

Today’s employees are busier than ever before. They’re constantly being bombarded with content, messages and noise - not helpful when they’re just trying to get their jobs done. That’s why just-in-time performance support is ideal if you’re looking to seamlessly weave together work and learning for better-skilled, more effective employees.

On-demand access to job-critical information

The 5app platform gives everyone easy access to the information they need to perform their jobs. Content is available on demand, at the precise point of need, minimising disruption and putting job-critical resources at employees’ fingertips, on whichever device best suits them. You can also create automated nudges to get the right content to the right people at the right time, before they even realise they need it.

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Cut through the noise

For an even more tailored experience, 5app’s Academies give you the tools to offer curated content based on roles, skill sets or teams. This helps cut out the noise of day-to-day work and means that the most useful content is available to the right people at all times.

Introduce learning into your workflow

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