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All of Us and 5app Partnership

All of us x 5app


Shift culture and join the EDI conversation

Since the announcement of our partnership with All of Us in 2021, we’ve been working behind the scenes to highlight the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace. 

With many organisations demonstrating their commitment to EDI, it’s no surprise that together with All of Us, we are determined to host relevant EDI content and learning resources on the 5app platform. We are excited to develop our joint proposition even further in 2023 and bring about cultural change in organisations which will build a diverse workforce.


About 5app

5app is the elegantly simple learning engagement platform which gives users a connected experience digitally. We deliver the right content to you at the right time, ensuring an easy and seamless experience. “At 5app we deliver rapid knowledge transfer to employees - whenever and however they need it. All of Us are experts in their field and have pioneered provision of ‘in the moment’ EDI content. It is a natural fit for 5app”, said Duncan Barrett, Head of Product at 5app.  


About All of Us

All of Us is the only plug-and-play, EDI-focused, interactive platform that leads positive change by giving every voice a shared space to be heard. Their vision is to transform the way the world thinks, by revolutionising work cultures to improve lives. According to All of Us founder, Andrew Phillips “5app is the ideal partner for our award-winning content, which is designed by D&I experts. Their easy-to-use engagement platform democratises EDI and provides the best resources for a superb user experience”.


How you can access this

Finding a measured approach to employee wellbeing in the ever-changing times of hybrid and remote working has been a great challenge for many organisations. Our customers and partners can now use the 5app EDI platform to measure trends and package solutions, which will build diverse relationships in the workplace. Enabling and investing in your employees from the onset has never been easier.

Join the conversation today and help us to navigate transformational change and support in the workplace. Our team is available to take you through a quick demonstration of the 5app platform and to guide you to the 5app EDI platform

Let’s wrap up 2022 and work in alignment with the 2023 EDI calendar to create an aware and inclusive workforce. 


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