Remote workforce

No office? No problem.

5app supports your hybrid or remote workforce to build a cohesive, engaged team, no matter where your people are based. Modern businesses aren’t tied to a single workplace, so you need digital learning and comms solutions you can rely on.

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Create a sense of inclusion & belonging

Keeping people connected and creating a sense of inclusion and belonging are crucial for any organisation looking to transform - especially when your workforce is spread across multiple cities, countries or continents.

Keep everyone in the loop

The 5app learning and comms platform makes it easy for business leaders to broadcast communications to keep everyone in the loop. You can also provide a user-friendly place for on-demand access to your internal information and resources for easier knowledge sharing.

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Make DEIB a priority

Looking to break down silos and create a culture where inclusion and belonging can flourish? 5app’s DEIB Hub provides ready-made diversity and inclusion content, equipping your people with the skills and knowledge needed to work with anyone, anywhere, and to feel like they belong even when they work remotely.

Build a stronger team across borders.

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