Programmatic learning

Learning programmes that just make sense

5app helps you build more engaging, cohesive learning programmes, no matter how, when or where they take place

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Craft learning journeys that drive change

Learning solutions aren’t always fully digital. Often, you’ll want to blend digital content and live, group-based learning experiences, which may take place online or in person. Extended learning programmes also present a challenge to maintain engagement over weeks or months.

More efficient learning programmes

The 5app platform removes barriers to programme access, allowing facilitators to quickly and easily provide access to pre- or post-workshop playlists that complement your virtual sessions. Our social features allow participants to share and discuss existing content, alongside contributing resources they have discovered or created themselves as an assignment.

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Capture the data that matters

We can ensure any data captured on 5app is seamlessly integrated with your other platforms to maximise the learning and business impact of your programme and give you total visibility over the metrics that matter to you.

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