Career development

Keep career development moving onwards and upwards

Career development is a high priority for the majority of employees. People don’t want to feel stuck in their roles, and it’s motivating to have other career opportunities to work towards. It could be an upward move or a sideward step into a role that better aligns with the employee’s interests. However you’re supporting career development, 5app is here to make it easier.

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Stabilise your career ladder

Providing career development opportunities to your people is key to securing better employee retention and attracting new talent. Setting out clear development paths and enabling long-term career progression will help you keep employees motivated, engaged and excited about coming to work every day.

Crystal clear development paths

Integrating 5app into your learning tech stack means you can provide crystal clear career development paths, with absolutely everything an employee needs to work towards the next step in their career available in neat playlists. This could be for specific career paths in your organisation, or for broader leadership and talent programmes, helping employees advance their careers and achieve their goals.

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The easiest route to transferable skills

If you’re keen to get started immediately, 5app’s Content Hub contains everything you need to help your people develop transferable skills to progress in their careers. The Content Hub contains 350+ award-winning Hemsley Fraser assets, ranging from leadership to career planning to problem solving, to give your employees the best chance at success.

Create a career ladder your people want to climb

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