Diverse & inclusive workforces

Build a more diverse workplace

It’s no secret that prioritising diversity and inclusion makes for better workplaces. Collaborating with a wide range of people and exposure to different perspectives makes the working environment more inclusive and innovative, and 5app is proud to power diverse teams.

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Drive the culture you want

To be truly effective, DEIB conversations need to go beyond a tick-box exercise. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging must be woven into the fibre of your organisation’s culture, which means making it a genuine priority at all levels of your business.

Give everyone a voice

The 5app platform gives you a space to reflect your organisation’s culture and values. On-demand communication enables you to keep everyone connected with what’s going on across the business, including surfacing diverse voices and making everyone feel like part of your community.

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Get started now

Looking to get up and running right away? The DEIB Hub is a great place to start.

You’ll get access to 50+ insightful, thought-provoking DEIB resources from the experts at All of Us, giving your people the resources they need to create a more diverse, tolerant and inclusive environment. With the DEIB Hub, you also have the power to demonstrate the impact of your efforts with useful reporting and insights.

Be the change you want to see

Get your 5app demo today to discover how you can create a platform for a more diverse, inclusive workplace.