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Speed to reskill and upskill

Impact performance

Align to business goals

Boost growth & scale

Take your learning to the next level

Personalisation, content curation and all the technical setup you need to hit the ground running. We take care of it all so you can focus on impact! 
  • Enable more learning in the flow

  • Expect 200 to 300% ROI! 

  • Increase learner engagement by 300%

  • Boost skills and capabilities 


Build the foundations for long-term success


Streamline your learning strategy

Overstretched L&D? Academies are designed for teams with limited resources but big ambitions


Easy implementation

We identify gaps and create a structure that makes sense


Aligned to your business goals

Lean on our award-winning experts to create a learning structure that clicks with your business goals


Maximise your ROI

Get people using your learning platform to get better results from your investment


Content curation

Academies are the fastest way to get up and running while also following best practices


Operational efficiency

Make your learning work harder, better, faster.

What you get with 5app academies


  • Product - The 5app platform is at the heart of the experience

  • Content - Expert-made content to deliver learning that sticks

  • Services - Learning consultation and 100% human technical support

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As easy as 1, 2, 3

Get it right from the get-go
The convenience, experience and expertise of the 5app academies team means you can focus on impact, not admin.
Shape the learning experience
We work with you to align current skills and future goals, assess your content, identify what you need and build a learning solution tailored to your business needs.
Maximise learning’s impact
We create a personalised, more relevant, experience for each audience. Supporting talent and skills development at scale and pace.

What our customers say

With our approach to create Greystar-owned content, by in-house subject matter experts, team member and business function cross-collaboration has increased, resulting in the identification of numerous priority initiatives to further improve our regional European business, making us better at what we do every day."

The Learning Academies support our team members through the provision of great content at scale. Content that can be easily adapted to different roles, delivered in multiple languages, and easily updated over time, keeping up with the pace of change as the needs of our customers and team members evolve. Most importantly, it enables teams to access the right learning and information at exactly the moment they need it.”

I found the development pathway to be very informative about the management structure. How to utilise telephone and emails to correspond eloquently to residents. The most useful information I found was how to navigate the SOP database, and included in the development pathway is a list of the most-utilised SOPs for the role. Being able to access them at any time around the building is just brilliant!”

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