Technical training

Boost technical skills across your organisation

No modern business can do without robust technical training. Whether it’s training employees how to use complex, role-critical equipment or simply getting to grips with day-to-day software, getting your technical training right will significantly boost your operational efficiency and help you safely streamline your processes.

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Accelerating operational efficiency

It’s simple: the better your people understand your technical tools, the better they can perform in their roles. Whether it’s knowing what every button does on a giant piece of machinery or simply understanding how to create a pivot table, your technical training can spell the difference between stop-start work and smooth, seamless processes.

Performance support, just in time

The 5app platform makes it easy to get the right content to the right people at the right time, including all the technical knowledge and performance support an employee needs to do their role safely. Easy access to relevant on-demand systems training means nobody needs to waste precious time hunting around the system for the tutorials or step-by-step instructions they need - it’s all at their fingertips.

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Curated technical training content

5app’s academies enable you to curate resources based on roles, functions or skills, meaning your back-office employees will see different content to your hands-on technical team. This minimises wasted time and maximises the impact of every learning touchpoint for more efficient, targeted learning experiences.

Make technical errors a thing of the past

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