5app Digital Hub for your business

Curate apps and content to individual business needs.


Revolutionise business-to-employee communication.


Access to key sales documents anywhere, anytime.


Apps and Content Distribution without MDM.

Revolutionise training content delivery, Share & track Must Read documents, New employee onboarding made easy
Mobile access to sales docs everywhere, Ensure quality and accuracy of client discussions, open spreadsheets and presentations on any mobile device
Easy and secure content and app distribution, Works with existing storage technologies, minimal resource overhead for IT
“In the ‘post Dropbox era’, the focus is on regaining control of key business documents, then going on to deliver simple, quick and convenient access for employees to the information that really matters. With an increasing emphasis on remote and flexible working, extending the concept of ‘digital asset curation’ to include mobile apps makes even more sense.”
Dale Vile, Freeform Dynamics
Dale Vile
Research Director, Freeform Dynamics Ltd
super easy digital curation

Kick start your digital strategy

Sharing business documents and distributing mobile apps can be challenging, and it's natural to err on the side of caution. However, locking down access with complex device policies can result in poor user experience.

The 5app Digital Hub has been designed to be simple and straightforward. Whether you're using a desktop PC or a mobile device, It just works, even offline* (mobile app required).