Don't just manage content - curate it!

So you’re looking to make digital content accessible across your business. Chances are you’ve come to the following conclusions:

1. full blown Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) may let you broker your own content… Read more

An enterprise app is going to cost how much?

Many Chief Execs and CIOs will be shocked at the full cost of developing mobile business apps and it won’t be too surprising to hear the above headline yelled across a boardroom, perhaps followed by an expletive or two, before or after the project is undertaken. Read more

Better WiFi in trains – but we are going to have to wait

Network Rail has recently announced that it is setting up its own data transmitters along rail tracks in England and Wales to ensure better data connectivity via WiFi inside trains. UK government ministers say that the £90m cost of the upgrade will be part-funded by £53.1m fine levied on Network Rail for failing to ensure that the trains run on time. Presumably we can take solace in the fact that we are stuck on the train while it is late by being able to do some work over the WiFi. The statement envisages the service to be universal and free. Read more

Welcome improvements to Android on the way

Google’s announcements last week about including Samsung’s Knox security into the next Android release code-named L should be welcomed by enterprises wanting to lock down devices owned by the organisation. Samsung Knox builds on SE Linux to create a sandboxing service that lets users separate work and personal areas on their phone. Access to the work area and the associated apps is restricted by password and any data stored there is encrypted. Read more

Enterprise Apps World 2014

So it’s been 48hours since Enterprise Apps World 2014 and we’ve just about got back to normality here at 5app HQ (and eaten the remaining ice lollies.. #brainfreeze). This was our first exhibition since launching our EMM solution, and it couldn’t have gone any better! Read more

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Where VPNs come up short

Pitfalls for the unwary when developing Windows Store apps

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